Utility EthicsAssignment OverviewIn the Module 3 Case, we w

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Utility EthicsAssignment OverviewIn the Module 3 Case, we will use the Utility Test to inform our understanding of the Mattel case study.Required ReadingVisit the library, and locate the following article:Sethi, S., Veral, E., Shapiro, H., & Emelianova, O. (2011).Mattel, Inc.: Global manufacturing principles (GMP) – A life-cycleanalysis of a company-based code of conduct in the toy industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4), 483-517. Retrieved from ProQuest.Case AssignmentIn a well-written, 4- to 5-page paper, apply the Utility Test to the Mattel case study.Keys to the AssignmentChoose an ethical issue raised by the Mattel case study (e.g., you might choose to analyze Mattel’s treatment of employees).Apply the Utility Test: http://ethicsops.com/UtilityTest.phpBe sure that you follow each step of the Utility Test (use a separate section heading for discussion of each step of the test):Introduce the test.Briefly discuss why utility ethics is a valid way of deciding right and wrong.Apply the test Step 1: Identify thealternative actions that are possible and the persons and groups (thestakeholders) who will be affected by these actions. Step 2: For each of the most promising alternatives, determine the benefits and costs to each person or group affected. Step 3: Select the action in the current situation that produces the greatest benefits over costs for all affected. Step 4: Discuss what would happen if the action were a policy for all similar situations.Draw a conclusion. If the same action is selectedin Steps 3 & 4, then the action is an ethical one. If differentactions are selected, decide whether the individual action will producethe greatest good and the least harm, for all affected, over the longterm.Be sure to use at least two sources from the library to support your discussion and analysis (choose sources that are not included in the Background section of Module 3).Follow the guidelines in The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper.You are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking – as defined in the background materials and the grading rubric.

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