Were there any contributions by your colleagues chosen th

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Were there any contributions by your colleagues’ chosen theoretical perspective that were not included in his or her initial post? How might these contributions have provided more insight into the contemporary issue being considered? Critically examine the proposed solution and reconcile any discrepancies between your colleague’s perspective(s) and your own. Suggest a different solution than your colleague explaining the benefits 1st Response Mall I wanted to look at an issue at hand and one that is effecting our lives right now. We are moving into the future and as we do tough decisions from war, spituality, relationships, and what ideas emerge for society as a whole. I find it fascinating and interesting how are times have obviously changed from the people from politics to entertainment. For example, Donald trump has hit the platform with flying colors. His fame, marketing, and money has pushed him into new areas. Donald trump could give children the motivation to work towards any aspiration but his views are not the best morally or the views of the majority of society. We need a society of scientists, explorers, thinkers, and paradigm changers. Moving into the future we need more ideas that bring us together versuses breaking us apart. Culture is changing from technology to politics and we need the best people in those high positions. Donald trump has shown bad qualities and moral applitude. Donald trump has shown acts of selfishness, woman degrading comments, and not bringing all races together. I would like to see a country that accepts differnce with you are four feet tall or grew up in Afganastan. We need morals that will make the children of our generation stronger and wiser. We dont need to be bringing down woman even if we dont agree with Hilary Clinton’s ways of life. Trump is our president for fpur years and I beleive our society will change alot from technology, military, and law. I like the ideas of Bill Nye the science guy, David Icke, and lots of environmentalist. I just want the best culture and life for our future generations 2nd Response Mutchler I would say that one contemporary issue in today’s society is social media especially when it comes to Erikson’s adolescent stage. In the past social relationships were done face to face and if there was an issue it was easier to simply avoid something or someone if it could negatively affect someone. However, now with social media being such a big part of our lives it is becoming more and more difficult to separate face to face social interaction with cyber ones. Seeing as the access to social interactions are much easier to come by since mostly everyone has a smart phone now and the ingress to social media is just a few clicks away through a device that is contently within arms reach. Not saying this is a bad thing but for some it is difficult to discern the difference in physical social interaction with interactions through social media. Don’t get me wrong social media can be good, it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family from all over the world that you may have otherwise fallen out of touch with. In the adolescent years it could cause issues for someone who is trying to avoid an embarrassing event at home which in the past was a break for them but through social media access to relive what they are trying to get a break from is always there. Another thing to consider is while there older theories are still relevant they were made when the internet was not used therefore they don’t address that particular aspect. With this in mind new theories are coming about but since the internet blew up so quickly it is more of a catch-up game now. I feel that the solution is already in work but it will take much more research and many more researchers to really make headway on the gap that has been created.

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