Which of these is not a region of the thorax and abdomen ri

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Which of these is not a region of the thorax and abdomen: right hypochondriac region left lumbar region hypogastric region right lower region 4 points Question 2 Another name for the autonomic nervous system is: voluntary nervous system involuntary nervous system neuralgic nervous system trigeminal nervous system 4 points Question 3 Sensory receptors detect all the following except: touch pain temperature thoughts 4 points Question 4 In which stage have cancer cells metastasized? Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV 4 points Question 5 The shaft of a typical long bone is called: a diaphysis the periosteum the endosteum the epiphysis 4 points Question 6 Which of the following is not an essential amino acid? lysine valine tyrosine threonine 4 points Question 7 The space between the axon of one nerve cell and the dendrite of another is called: synaptic cleft or synapse myelin sheath nodes of Ranvier neurilemmal 4 points Question 8 Which is the deepest layer of the skin: stratum germinativum stratum spinosum stratum granulosum stratum corneum 4 points Question 9 If someone is complaining of pain that may be due to gall bladder problems, the pain would be located in which region? left iliac region right lumbar region hypogastric region left lumbar region 4 points Question 10 What is the name for the tough, outer layer of the eye? ganglion lens sclera retina 4 points Question 11 The Golgi apparatus is responsible for: serving as the energy “powerhouse” of the cell digesting foreign matter and bacteria storing and packaging secretion for export from the cell digesting fats 4 points Question 12 The sagittal plane divides the body into: right and left parts anterior and posterior portions superior and inferior portions proximal and distal ends 4 points Question 13 These cells line the heart, blood vessels, alveoli, and body cavities: cuboidal epithelial cells columnar epithelial cells squamous epithelial cells sesamoid epithelial cells 4 points Question 14 The lined fluid-filled cavities in the brain are called: choroid plexus cerebral ventricles dura mater arachnoid mater 4 points Question 15 The sympathetic nervous system does everything but: increase heart rate dilate pupils constricts pupils increases respiratory rate 4 points Question 16 Which of the following is not considered connective tissue: dense fibrous tissue cartilage adipose tissue glandular tissue 4 points Question 17 Which of these types of skin cancer is most common? squamous cell carcinoma malignant melanoma basal cell carcinoma adenoma 4 points Question 18 The epidermis includes which of the following cells: Langerhans cells osteocytes goblet cells astrocytes 4 points Question 19 If a red blood cell is placed in a solution that is hypertonic relative to it. What will happen? The cell will take on water and burst. The cell will lose water and shrink. Nothing will happen. The cell will take on water, then lose water. 4 points Question 20 Which one of these is not part of the cerebrum: ventricles parietal lobe pituitary occipital lobe 4 points Question 21 Third degree burns are characterized by all of the following except: possibly no pain charred, blackened skin potentially life-threatening treatment does not involve skin grafting 4 points Question 22 Which of these is a muscle of the lower extremities? internal oblique diaphragm trapezius gluteus maximus 4 points Question 23 Which one of these nerves is involved in chewing? vagus abducens trigeminal olfactory 4 points Question 24 The four types of movable (diarthroses) joints are all except: hinge joints sutures ball-and-socket joints pivot joints 4 points Question 25 Serous membranes line all except: pleura pericardium peritoneal skin

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