word limit 2000references needed&nbspESAY QUESTION – 20 MARKS

word limit 2000references needed ESAY QUESTION – 20 MARKS1. Identify a multinational company operating in Australia. Provide a briefdescription of the company including the following (5 Marks):The industry the company operates inNumber of staff in AustraliaNumber of staff globallyLocation of global headquartersIdentifyanyregulatoryframework/saffectingthemultinationalcompanyyouhave identified operating in Australia and discuss why and how it affects thecompany. For example, multinational corporations, like local companies, aresubject to 30 per cent corporate tax (5 Marks)Identifyanytreaties,conventionsoragreementsthathasimpactedontheproducts or services that multinational company provides in Australia. Howdoes it impact the goods/services? (10 Marks).END OF ASSIGNMENT

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