Write 5 reflective essays after reading the assigned chapter

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Write 5 reflective essays after reading the assigned chapters of the book attach. For Chapter 15,16,17,20,21. For the five Short Chapter Write Ups you choose to complete: the following are brief requirements to be included in your short essay, and pertains to every hard copy submission. Please follow this guideline as a template to complete your specific chapter assignment components. These short chapter write ups are intended to keep you well informed about fashion marketing topics, and will aid in your individual contributions to the chapter discussions. Short Chapter Write Up – Chapter 1 What is Public Relations? a.Provide a brief discussion on one ‘theme’ or ‘theory’ that has caught your attention from the material covered thus far during the lectures (either consumer behavior, strategic marketing or strategic management oriented). Theories are also listed and presented in the chapters. Label it ‘My Theory/theme of interest’ b.Address 1 of the Review and Discussion Questions at the end of the chapter Label it ‘A Review and Discussion’ c.Discuss 1 new term (define and apply) from the chapter d.Share your understanding of 1 On the Job narratives – presented throughout the chapter e.Implications/Application/Utility – share a concise analysis of what these parts (a thru d) imply for you as a future Senior VP, VP, Director or Account Supervisor in public relations, strategist or specialist for your company, or company of your interest. Make an application only to the fashion industry. Label it ‘Putting Things into Perspective (s)’ The above should yield no more than 1,500 words for each essays (single spaced, Times New Roman 12). i have done 2 pages for each essays.. so you need to complete total 20 pages…….$80 is my final offer.

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