Write an analytical critique of the film Crash. Your critiqu

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Write an analytical critique of the film Crash. Your critique must do the following:Give overall impression of the film while mentioning the movie’s title, director, and key actors.(This information can be found in the following link: IMDB: Crash)Briefly summarize the plot or overall point of the film. (No more than a few sentences.)Give specific positive/negative aspects from the film. Use descriptive words to discuss the plot, characters, dialogue, themes, structure/form, setting, visuals, music, etc. Form a thesis statement that conducts critical analysis of the film. (The body paragraphs of your essay will develop this thesis statement.)Consider the following questions when developing a thesis statement:How are different cultures, subcultures, races, religions, social classes, neighborhoods, etc. clashing (or ‘crashing’ into each other) in this film?What are some of the overt assumptions made by characters about those different from them? What effects do these overt assumptions have?What are some of the more subconscious assumptions hidden within cultures in the film that make the characters act and believe the way they do? What effects do these subconscious assumptions have?What conflicts occur? What resolutions (if any) occur? What message(s) or lesson(s) about society are being expressed through this film?How does the film represent these different groups of people and their intermingling and why? Requirements:Must be at least 2 pages in lengthMust use APA formatting, including a citation for the filmNo need to conduct research, but if you use researched sources you must cite them in APA format

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