write an essay about hotel management class and the goal for

write an essay about hotel management class and the goal for this course and your future career(hotel management) ,and what do you want to learn from this class. this class is INTRODUCTION TO THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY OF THE HISTORY, LIKELY DIRECTION, AND DYNAMICS OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, WITH EMPHASIS ON THE WIDE VARIETY OF CAREER OPPORTUNITIES.you can also write something good about the professor such as he is nice, outgoing and funny.this essay have to be more than 500 words.Essays must uploaded as .docx files and are to be formatted in single-spaced 12 point TimesNew Roman font, one inch margins, right justification turned off, double-spaced paragraphs withno first line indents (use the sample essay appearing on the last page of this syllabus as anexample of correct formatting). No essay title, student name, course name or restatement of theessay assignment should appear in the essay. Each essay must contain at least four paragraphs.Essay content must be relevant to the assignment, contain a minimum of 500 words

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