Writing Organized, Coherent ParagraphsRead the overview belo

Writing Organized, Coherent ParagraphsRead the overview below and complete the activities that follow.Skillful paragraphing is also important to clear communication. Paragraphs show the reader where topics begin and end, thus helping the reader mentally organize the information. Strategic paragraphing also helps make certain ideas stand out. Designing paragraphs requires the ability to organize and explain information. It also involves anticipating your readers’ likely reactions and structuring your content for the desired effect. Effective paragraphs are short, unified, and coherent. They achieve unity and coherence through good use of topic sentences and transitional devices such as repetition, pronouns, and transitional words. CONCEPT REVIEW: Completing this exercise requires an understanding of the following: -Topic sentence -Unity -Coherence -Transitional devicesDirections: Use the following sentences to form a coherent paragraph. The first one should be a topic sentence. You will not use all of the sentences. Place a number beside the sentences to indicate the correct order form a coherent paragraph. For example, # 1 would be the topic sentence, #2 would be the second sentence in the paragraph, etc.

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