Written Report based on the Case Study QUBEwww.qube.com.auDU

Written Report based on the Case Study QUBEwww.qube.com.auDUE DATE:  SEPTEMBER 13, 2016Word Count: 3000 – 3500 wordsAfter reading further background material on the company and relevant case studies on related companies the case, prepare a 3000 – 3500 word report analysing the issues in the case, and identify logistics management strategies to resolve the issues.http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-24/extended-interview-with-maurice-james/5547814Also look at the web site www.qube.com.auIn your report you need to consider     The main problems at with the current logistics network in New South Wales, Australiao    How they might be resolvedo    What, if any, involvement should the New South Wales, Australia government have in the resolution of the problems To support your analysis and recommendations, you need to:Please use a minimum of 9 academic journal articles, plus the text supporting your identification of problems and proposals / recommendations to resolve the problems (better marks will be awarded for more than 9).o    link the case elements and discussion / analysis to correctly referenced logistics concepts and models.o    3000-3500 word response – word count applies to content only, not title page, table of contents and reference list.o    Responses should include relevant logistics management theories – referenced and their application explained – do not just quote or paraphrase the theoryo    Short report format – title page, introduction, suitable headings & subheadings, recommendations, reference list – use Harvard (APA) referencing style Prescribed text:  Mangan, J. and Lalwani, C. 2016. Global logistics and supply chain management. 3 rd ed. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. Recommended Readings:· Gianpaolo, G., Laporte, G., and Musmanno, R., 2013. Introduction to Logistics Systems Management. 2nd ed. U.S.A: Wiley.· Harrison, A., van Hoek, R. I., 2011. Logistics Management & Strategy, Competing Through the Supply Chain. 4th ed. London: Prentice Hall.· Murphy, P. R., Wood, D., 2010. Contemporary Logistics: International Edition. 10th ed. U.S.A: Pearson Higher Education. Journal Articles:· Bealer D., Bhanugopan, R., 2014 Transactional and transformational leadership behaviour of expatriate and national managers in the UAE: a cross-cultural comparative analysis. The International Journal of Human Resource Management 25. · Fish, A., Bhanugopan, R., Cogin J., 2008 Value orientations as predictors of cultural and business impact: Individual suitability for cross‐border assignments, Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, Vol. 15 Iss: 1, pp.30 – 48.· Jie, F. Parton, K. Cox, R. J., 2012 An agile supply chain analysis of Australian beef wholesalers and retailers International Journal of Agile Systems and Management (IJASM), Vol. 5, No. 4.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWseojMJDfJ9kQ5GEVHZ1hNbYodgIOorm.· Australian Logistics Council http://austlogistics.com.au/media-centre/publications/· Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies http://sydney.edu.au/business/itls· Logistics Association of Australia http://www.laa.asn.au/industryarticles.htm· Queensland Transport and Logistics Council http://www.qtlc.com.au/resources/· SmallBizConnect http://toolkit.smallbiz.nsw.gov.au/chapter/12/58· The Journal of Logistics Management· The International Journal of Logistics Management There are many consumer behaviour specific journals including:· Asia Pacific Journal of Operations Research, · Food Logistics, · Journal of Business Logistics, Supply Chain Management Review

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