You are a consultanthired by the Herrington Specialty Metal

You are a consultanthired by the Herrington Specialty Metal Sheeting Corporation of Detroit,Michigan to assist the HR Director in redesigning the compensation system. Theorganization has just gone through an acquisition of a smaller metal sheet companywith similar products. Herrington has grown from 80 to 100 employees as aresult. You are scheduled to meet with the HR Director and begin to discusswhat will have to be considered. You plan to tell her about the strategic paypolicies and pay models. Describe four strategic policy decisions that willhave to be made in designing her compensation system. What are these strategicpay policies and how will they be relevant to the organization? In addition,indicate what goals a compensation system should have. The four strategic policy decisions that onemust make when creating a compensation system are intemal alignment, externalcompetitiveness, employee contributions, and management. A compensation systemshould include efficiency, fairness, and compliance

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