You are tasked with creating the database to store informati

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You are tasked with creating the database to store information for a university of your choosing. After initial design meetings with your client, the following business rules have been determined:A student has a name, a birth date, and gender.You must track the date the student started at the university and his or her current GPA, as well as be able to inactivate him or her without deleting information.For advising purposes, store the student’s background/bio information. This is like a little story.An advisor has a name and an e-mail address.Students are assigned to one advisor, but one advisor may service multiple students.A class has a class code, name, and description.You need to indicate the specific classes a student is taking/has taken at the university. Track the date the student started a specific class and the grade earned in that class.Each class that a student takes has 4 assignments. Each assignment is worth 100 points.The following entity tables have been composed:StudentsStudentIDintFirstNamestringLastNamestringBirthDatedateGenderstringStartDatedateGPAnumberIsActivebooleanBiostringAdvisorIDint AdvisorsAdvisorIDnumberFirstNamestringLastNamestringEmailAddrstring ClassesClassIDintClassCodestringClassNamestringDescriptionstring Students_ClassesStudentClassIDintStudentIDintClassIDintStartDatedateAssignment1numberAssignment2numberAssignment3numberAssignment4numberClassGPAnumberCreate a database in an SQL server, and translate this design into SQL server tables with appropriate fields. The data types above are general types. An int is an integer whole number. A number is a real number with a decimal point and fractional digits to the right of the decimal point. A string could be a single character, a few characters or even multiple paragraphs of text. Each DBMS may have several specific data types for each general type. The specific data type that you select will depend on the size and range of the values that will be stored in the field. The datatype bit can be used for Boolean fields. In the Students_Classes table, the assignment fields are used to record a grade for each of the 4 assignments in the class. Values range from 0–100. The GPA fields will store values from 0.00–4.00. In the Students table, the gender field will record an M or F.All primary keys should be specified as “identity” or “auto-increment” fields, which means that the database management system will create a unique value for the field, each time a new row is added to the table. By default, the value starts at 1 for the first row added and increments by 1 for each new row inserted.Your deliverable should be a Word document with the DDL script necessary to recreate all tables and relationships. Focus on proper datatypes, keys, identities, and constraints. Future assignments will depend on your design, so it is best to try and stick to the base specs. In addition to the DDL script, provide a screenshot of a diagram showing all tables and the relationships between them.

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