You have to do research on a service offered by a for profit

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You have to do research on a service offered by a for profit business that is fully available to consumers or to businesses, research how that product was and is marketed and write a report on the marketing of that product. ( I will provide with the service name later) This is not lengthy its just detailed instructions for your understandingREPORT CONTENTThe project report consists of the following topics that needs to be covered. Each topic sections must be thoroughly addressed and consist of factual information based on your research. You do not give your opinion or make a judgment of any kind in a report of this type unless you have specific and complete facts to support your statement. The report must follow the following format using the template provided you for the project report.1. Product/Service Being Marketeda. Describe all of the features and capabilities of the product/Service being offeredb. Describe the life cycle of the Product/Service2. Market of the Product/Servicea. Describe who the customers are for the product/service being offeredb. Describe why the customers need or want this product/servicec. Describe how and when these customers use the product/serviced. Describe when the product/service is bought by these customers3.Product/Service Positiona. Describe what competitors are offering competing products/services

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