You helped me with this paper. Can you make it a paragraph o

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You helped me with this paper. Can you make it a paragraph or so longer and separate the paragraphs? This is an actual letter to a judge.Honorable Judge 2500 Tulare St. Fresno, Ca 93721 February 8, 2017 Your Honor, RE: LENIENCE LETTER I am writing this today to request for the leniency of Tremayne Beard who is a friend of mine whom I have known for a period of 7+ years within this period I have come to respect him a lot.I met Tremayne first during a community event; from that moment, I could tell that he was a kind person with an underlying great personality. My other meetings with Tremayne were of similar nature, despite his mother been a drug addict and the father been absent, he was raised by the grandmother who lived in a gang neighborhood, which made people mistake him for been a gang member and he was always defending himself.His kindness can be seen when he and other bikers helped fulfill a dying girl last wish of riding with bikers just like she had seen in movies. The girl had been diagnosed with cancer and died three months later. Tremayne found himself with very little guidance as he grew up since the parents were not around and the neighborhood he was brought in was not much of help. He is aware of the pain that he caused to everyone and especially his family and he really wishes to make amends for his wrong actions. Kindly grant him an opportunity to become a useful member of the society again.Any questions please feel free to contact me at (559)321-3216.Thank you for considering this leniency request. Yours truly, Tobie Gray 687 W. Holland Clovis, Ca 93612

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