You learned professionalism when dealing with customers and

You learned professionalism when dealing with customers and coworkers in Module 01. Professionalism includes communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, and sensitivity to diverse patient populations for cultural differences, as well as for disabilities. You learned professionalism, proper workplace behavior and that often times personal and corporate ethics can cause conflict. Our code of ethics teaches us the patient is first and the importance of treating our coworkers with respect. Every pharmacy has a policy and procedure manual that directs the staff on how to handle each situation. However, some cases may not always be clear cut.Imagine that you’re an IV tech working in the hospital. On break, another technician is talking about a nurse who is in the ICU, and the reason she is in the hospital is an apparent drug overdose. It is suspected that she was stealing narcotics from the hospital. Discussing this is a clear violation of HIPAA. How would you handle the situation? What would you say to her and what would you do from that point?

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