Your assigned topic for the research assignment is the DC Co

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Your assigned topic for the research assignment is the DC Comics team, the Suicide Squad.Please write a research paper discussing the history, cultural influences on, and cultural importance of the Suicide Squad. Your work must include:A publication history of the Suicide Squad, from their inception through to todayA brief explanation of particularly popular/notorious/critically acclaimed stories featuring the Suicide SquadA list of notable creators who have put their stamp on the Suicide Squad and howA summary of the Suicide Squad’s fictional historyAppearances of the Suicide Squad outside of comics, including TV, movies, video games, etc.Aspects of the cultural and political climate of the world and the country that influenced the Suicide Squad’s first appearance and any moments where the Squad was prominent in the pop culture consciousnessBecause of the nature of the Suicide Squad, there are many many characters connected to the series. I won’t expect you to discuss most of them in-depth, but I do recommend giving us some major background on the characters Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Jr., Deadshot, and Barbara Gordon.Please support your claims with source material, as well as quotes from creators of and critical materials about the character and the works they appeared in.This paper should be at least four pages long, single spaced, with 12-point font. I expect your work to be written at a college level, and reserve the right to ask you to rewrite should there be excessive spelling and grammar errors. You must include a bibliography, properly formatted (I will accept MLA or APA), with at least six sources.

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