Your response should be a minimum of 100 words and include h

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Your response should be a minimum of 100 words and include how the source will specifically benefit you in your future professional role (elementary school teacher).Language Development in Children is an important topic to be informative about as a preschool teacher. This is an important step for the preschool age group and parents frequently have questions and concerns and it will be important that I have the knowledge to help the family the best that I can. The following 3 sites are very informative websites and I can use them in my future career as a preschool teacher or I can use these websites to provide parents and families information that can and will answer their questions on their child and his/her language development.Childdevelopmentinfocom. (2017). Child Development Institute. Retrieved 15 February, 2017, from website is a very informative site as it describes the four main stages of language and what they consist of. This site also includes a time line that is easy for an educator or parent to glance at and see where children should be at depending on their age, while all children do differ, this is a great guideline for parents to see that their child should be around a specific goal and allow the family to reach out for speech assistance if there is a concern.Bowen, C. (1998). Ages and Stages Summary: Language Development 0-5 years. Retrieved from on 15 February 2017.This site breaks up language into two different groups, the receptive language and the expressive language. First being that children will learn how to listen and understand language. This is broken into the different age groups and easy to read to understand the different stages that children will go through. Next is expressive language where children are learning to speak. Also broken into age groups, this explains how babies simply start by making noises to identify they have a need to children growing and being able to speak clearly by the age of 5.Nihgov. (2015). NIDCD. Retrieved 15 February, 2017, from last website gives a detailed explanation of what voice, speech and language are: explaining that these are the different ways we typically communicate. This site not only describes the stages and milestones for children but goes into detail and explaining speech disorders and when a parent or family member should reach out for help.

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